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2010 Yamaha BWs / Zuma 50

The 2010 Yamaha BW's 50 (called the Zuma in the USA) fully-automatic transmission and electric starting means effortless, twist-and-go riding, and there's lots of room for two. There's also plenty of power in the 49cc reed-valve engine. Livin for the city? This is your ride.

Good things come in small packages.10MS_Zuma_blk_1_0065b25d

Back by popular demand, the sporty Zuma is a fantastic combination of fun and practicality. Think of it as a very trick scooter or a very small sport-utility vehicle, the 2010 Yamaha Zuma's up for anything.
Nothing gets you around town quicker and more efficiently than the decidedly zippy 2010 BW's 50 sport scooter.

The peppy 49cc reed-valve 2-stroke engine fires up effortlessly at the push of a button, and fully automatic transmission makes for “gas it and go” operation, so you can just enjoy the ride. There's plenty of room for two on the comfortable 10MS_Zuma_blk_2_ef58ce45seat, and a large storage compartment under the seat lets you stash your helmet or other small packages. A catalyzer in the exhaust reduces emissions, while wide aggressive tires, front disc brake and rear carrier complete the package. Ride a 2010 BW's and remind yourself why you choose to live in the city. Make every ride a total hoot!

Key Features

•    The sporty Zuma is a fantastic combination of fun and practicality.10MS_Zuma_blk_3_c91e4a67

•    Carburetor settings and exhaust catalyzer technology reduce exhaust emissions.

•    49cc of reed-valve-inducted, Autolube-injected, two-stroke performance keeps the Zuma at the head of the 50cc pack.

•    Fully automatic transmission and pushbutton electric starting make the Zuma super-convenient.

•    There’s room for two atop the Zuma’s seat and lots of locking 10MS_Zuma_blk_4_e98201e4storage beneath it.

•    The Zuma achieves fuel economy up to an estimated 123 mpg* with a fuel tank that holds 1.5 gallons of gas.


•    Feisty 49cc, air-cooled two-stroke engine features a high 7.0:1 compression ratio for strong, usable power—perfect for around-town performance.10SCTR_ZUMA_blue_B1_923f5297

•    Reed-valve induction provides excellent throttle response and power delivery.

•    14mm Teikei carburetor ensures seamless fuel delivery and crisp throttle response.

•    Fan-assisted cooling system keeps engine temperature reliably under control, even while idling at stoplights, for maximum efficiency and longer engine life.10MS_Zuma_yel_2_563460e2

•    Exclusive Autolube Oil Injection System ensures no mess or hassle of premixing fuel and oil.

•    Easy-to-read indicator light located on instrument panel alerts rider when oil level gets low.

•    Easy, dependable electric starting with backup kickstarter.

•    Fully automatic V-belt transmission ensures easy, twist-the-throttle-and-go operation.10MS_Zuma_yel_3_4140b014
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•    DC-CDI system provides precise, high-voltage spark for seamless engine performance and excellent reliability.

•    Automatic choke makes cold starting a cinch.


•    Step-through frame design allows easy mounting.10MS_Zuma_yel_4_7fcc4ade

•    Long wheelbase (50.2 inches) and large dimensions (74.4”L x 27.8”W x 43.7”H) enhance rider comfort with roomier ergonomics.

•    Five-spoke cast wheels wear fat, low-profile 120/90-10 front and 130/90-10 rear tires that deliver tons of grip and attitude.

•    Telescopic fork features beefy outer tubes for strength, while slider shrouds help protect inner tubes from debris.

•    Telescopic front fork with 2.6 inches of travel smoothly soaks up 10SCTR_ZUMA_D1_c4df008bwhat the road throws the rider’s way.

•    Single rear shock with 2.4 inches of travel ensures a plush ride quality in either solo or two-up mode.

•    155mm hydraulic front disc and rear drum brakes combine for serious stopping power.

Additional Features

•    Super-sporty styling and bodywork create a racy-looking package 10SCTR_ZUMA_D2_606ab7f9with an aggressive profile and riding position.

•    Wide front apron and floorboards enhance Zuma’s sporty profile while providing exceptional wind/weather protection and all-day comfort.

•    Headlight system features dual bulbs with housings mounted atop the apron (vs. recessed) for great visibility and a sporty finish.

•    Huge underseat storage compartment is perfect for hauling schoolbooks or groceries.

•    Plush dual seat is long and wide for improved rider and passenger comfort.

•    Sturdy rear cargo rack boasts a stainless finish and features extensions that double as passenger grabrails.

•    Electronic fuel gauge lets rider easily keep track of gas level.

•    Easy-to-read instrument panel features turn signal, high-beam and low-oil indicator lights.


MSRP $2,290 (Raven) Available from March 2010
$2,290 (Vivid Yellow) Available from March 2010

Engine Type: 49cc air-cooled 2-stroke single reed-valve inducted

Bore x Stroke: 40.0mm x 39.2mm

Compression Ratio: 7.0:1

Fuel Delivery: 14mm Teikei

Ignition: DC CDI

Transmission: V-belt automatic

Final Drive: V-belt


Suspension/Front: Telescopic fork; 2.6-in travel

Suspension/Rear: Single shock; 2.4-in travel

Brakes/Front: 155mm disc

Brakes/Rear: Drum

Tires/Front: 120/90-10

Tires/Rear: 130/90-10


Length: 74.4 in

Width: 27.8 in

Height: 43.7 in

Seat Height: 30.1 in

Wheelbase: 50.2 in

Ground Clearance: 4.7 in

Fuel Capacity: 1.5 gal

Fuel Economy: 123 mpg

Wet Weight: 207 lb

Warranty: 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)

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