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2010 Yamaha FZ8

After teasing us time and time and time again, Yamaha Europe has taken the wraps off its 2010 Yamaha FZ8 (and it’s cousin the 2010 Yamaha Fazer8). As was expected, the FZ8  is a 779cc naked street bike that borrows its heritage from the FZ1, and replaces the FZ6 in the European line-up.

While the FZ8 looks well and good, Yamaha has proven that a copy of a copy never carries over well. The FZ8 motor is in essence a smaller bored FZ1 motor, which is itself a de-tuned R1 powerplant. As such the Yamaha FZ8 puts out a solid 104hp, which may disappoint many riders. Torque lovers rejoice though, the 2010 Yamaha FZ8 makes an impressive 62lbs•ft of wheel turning power from its 779cc’s.

Yamaha insists the lack-luster top-end power is made up for with breakneck power lower down in the RPM range. Without riding one ourselves, we’ll have to take Yamaha’s word on that one, but considering the FZ6 puts out 96hp and 46lbs•ft of torque, we’d say the larger stroke motor is doing it’s job adequately by adding almost 50% more power to the middleweight street bike. For comparison, the FZ1 motor achieves a more similar torque figure to the FZ8, with 78lbs•ft coming out of its lump, albeit with nearly 50 more ponies under the hood.

The 2010 Yamaha FZ8 will start at €8,190 in the EU, and comes in white, blue, black color schemes. Check the photos out below, and the technical spec’s that follow them.

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