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Ben Bostrom Signs with Pat Clark Motorsports

A reliable source in the AMA has just tipped us off to the fact that Ben Bostrom has signed with Pat Clark Motorsports (PCM) for the 2010 season. PCM, which has been linked to Bostrom since the beginning of the month, is keeping the deal under wraps though as they try to sign both Jake Zemeke and John “Hopper” Hopkins to the team as well. If successful, this would mean PCM is building the Deathstar of AMA Superbike teams for the 2010 AMA season.

With the combined factors of the economy and the mismanagement by DMG, there has been a substantial shortage of money in the AMA Pro Racing series, leaving many top-shelf racers still without a ride for the 2010 season. Jake Zemeke, along with many other riders, are still scrambling to find a team and a contract, as both sponsorships and prize money continue to dry up in the AMA.

In World Superbike, John Hopkins is also struggling to find a ride. After Stiggy Honda began running into trouble financially, the American WSBK rider started looking elsewhere for employment. Initially, he was linked to the Rietwagen Racing effort (along with Makoto Tamada), which will be the first BMW satellite team in WSBK, but that seat is now rumored to be going to Andrew Pitt instead. This could mean Hopper is SOL for staying in the WSBK series for 2010, and perhaps the AMA his only hope to race in 2010.


As doors close for both of these riders, Pat Clark Motorsports finds itself not only in a good position by being supported by Yamaha, but also in picking up both of these competitors for less than their asking price. It’s a buyer’s market in the AMA right now, and PCM seems to be capitalizing on it in a big way. According to our source, PCM is close to putting together the Dream Team of AMA efforts, and is keeping a very tight lid on it…until now. Hat tip to The Sparrow for the scoop.

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  • chip
    December 21, 2009

    They would be unbeatable as long as there equipment was first rate. pat clark should sign them before they get away . I here jordan is looking for a top shelf rider that could put them in the running. Early bird gets the worm ?

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