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British Bike Buyers Gone Naked

According to the latest figures released by the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI), although overall sales in the UK still following a downtrend, the naked bike sector has consolidated its growth during the month of November, recording a one per cent increase in new registrations in the year to date, compared to the same period in 2008.

The biggest-selling bike in November was the Yamaha YBR 125, with 156 registrations. Yamaha was the biggest-selling manufacturer with 1,027 new registrations, followed by Honda (678) and Piaggio (372).


“Although the economic climate continues to present challenges to the motorcycle industry, the industry is responding with determination and perseverance,” said MCI chief executive Steve Kenward in a release.

“The Carole Nash International Motorcycle Show, which ended two days ago, showcased new models and the latest products to over 110,000 visitors. The Get On experience unit made its debut at the NEC as part of the industry-funded campaign to bring biking to new audiences by giving potential riders the opportunity to have a free ride in their local area. Around 80 per cent of those who try their free ride are going forward to take their CBT,” Kenward added.

“The MCI is working hard to encourage new people to recognise the benefits of individual mobility that a powered two-wheeler affords, and to persuade the Government that motorcycles and scooters are part of the solution to the transportation, congestion and environmental issues that face the country.”

“However, these are tough economic times and we continue to lobby Government to create a level playing field across the entire automotive sector on the issue of the Scrappage scheme and other business incentives. MCI calls on Ministers, particularly the Innovation and Skills Minister, Lord Mandelson, to engage positively with industry,” concluded Kenward.

For more discussion on the Yamaha YBR 125 got to link

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  • ks
    March 10, 2011
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    Where on earth can spare parts for YBR125 be bought other than from a website in UK?

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