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  • Spies and Edwards shine in Qatar for Tech3 0 CommentsPosted by on March 19th, 2010 at 1:15 pm under Yamaha Racing
    Ben Spies was in sparkling form to post a best time of 1’55.954 that secured him a stunning third place on the timesheets. Earlier on a balmy night in Doha, Spies had topped the timesheets for a brief period in the six-hour session that ran from 6pm to midnight. What made the reigning World Superbike champion's performance even more remarkable was he had never ridden under the floodlight... more.
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    hello guys new to the forum. ok here is my issue the bike has not been started in around 3 yrs. the bike starts and idles great revs fine in... […]
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    i have a 87 warrior with 20x10 tires on a 9" rim on the back. i was wondering before i bought new tires if i should go up a few inches? they seem...
  • 1990 Yamaha warrior 350 ttaillight
    im looking to add a brake/tail light but want the tail light to come on when I turn the lights on anyone know which wire from the headlight switch I...
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  • SV1000 Rhino for sale
    This is a total custom build. I will upload pics this weekend. I have well over 40K in this car. I am asking 14k. I am forced to sell because of an... […]
  • 2012 rhino 700 with long travel
    I have a 2012 rhino 700 with twisted labs +6 kit, extended cage, aftermarket seats, windshield, door panels, jbs sheave, amp and speaker, and... […]
  • new rhino of the month pic please!!!!!
    can the moderators take that ugly piece of chit viking off the title page to this once great RHINO forum please??????????????? anybody aggree?... […]
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  • 2013 Grizzly 700 no power/sputter
    Hey guys, My grizz it a hurtin unit. sounds fine when i rev it in park. when driving top speed is 60 km/h. normally get 86 km/h with my shims and... […]
  • Big Bear brake light question
    Heys guys im new to the site and hope someone can help me out.My question is i own a 88 and 90 Big Bear 350 and both machines have a brake light...
  • steering knuckle
    Does anybody know if the front steering knuckle for an 07 grizzly 700 are interchangeable with the front steering knuckle on the 550. I can find... […]