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  • 2005 Yamaha RX Warrior Pictures & Specs 1 CommentsPosted by on July 15th, 2004 at 12:00 am under 2005 Models
    Yamaha RX Warrior Specifications Yamaha RX Warrior MSRP: $9,599 (Team Yamaha Blue/White; Candy Red) $9,699 (Matte Black - Limited Edition) Yamaha RX Warrior Engine: Type / Displacement / cc: 4-Stroke, 998cc Cylinders: Four Cooling: Liquid Bore & Stroke / mm: 74.0 X 58.0 Intake Design: 3 Valves Carburetion: Mikuni BSR37 X 4, Liquid Heated Ignition: Digital D.C. C.D.I. w/Throttle Position Se... more.
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  • YFM225 rear axle spline count
    We have a customer with a 1987 YFM 225 Moto-4, he wants to change the rear wheels on it but nobody makes an aftermarket wheel with it 4/125 bolt...
  • Starting tight engine?
    Acquired a 2000 Warrior that has not run for several years. Have replaced most of the electrical components including the starter and stator. Also... […]
  • Got my first 04 warrior need help
    Ok. So I got this warrior. And everything is great but. It will just shut off when I'm riding. It will restart. But it's like I lose. All power.... […]
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  • Made a rhino lift, new tires and powdercoat.
    Folded my front skid plate under running the track after Scottys race so I made a hillbilly rhino lift. Later on had my wheels coated OSHA safety... […]
  • Belt Replacement
    Is there a video on belt replacement? All I want to do is put a new belt on, :banana:other one was all chunks and shreds!
  • Under hood extra bettery
    Has anyone ran this type of under hood battery I can't mount the battery in middle be of my radiator relocated. And also how hard is it to hook it... […]
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  • More top end
    Been noticing that the grizz doesn't have too much top end punch. I've been messing with the settings on the controller, and drilled holes in the air...
  • Ordered a 50 caliber racing cdi box
    This has really good reviews on Amazon, people say it makes a difference in performance, we'll see. It gets rid of the limiters as well, which will... […]
  • Muskeg Cannonball