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Valentino Rossi Treated for Abdominal Pain

According to the Italian Web site GPOne.com, Valentino Rossi was admitted to a hospital in Pesaro, Italy, Thursday night due to severe abdominal pains. The 2009 MotoGP Champion was suffering from a serious inflammation of the appendix, not yet diagnosed appendicitis, but the doctors said emergency surgery was not needed.

Rossi was sent home to rest and is taking antibiotics, GPOne.com reported. Appendicitis usually involves the removal of the appendix to avoid further complications. If the appendix remains inflamed, it commonly leads to peritonitis, which can be fatal.

To clear up everything, GPOne.com called Dr. Cladio Costa Friday at the Clinica Mobile where Rossi was admitted. Dr. Costa told GPOne.com: “I can confirm the news which as emerged so far. The results of the tests show that the situation does not require surgery. Valentino can recuperate with just some medication, and everything should be fine.

“It’s possible that infection can take place in that part of the intestine, which can result in inflammation. The problem now is that such cases can recur, even if they've been successfully treated.”
But if Rossi has an operation? “Rossi asked me how long it would take before he could ride again if he decided to have an operation,” Dr. Costa told GPOne.com. “I answered that it would be just a couple of days.”

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