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Yamaha Triple Champ Competition

2009 has been a spectacular and extremely successful racing season for Yamaha, both in the dirt and on the tarmac. We are extremely proud of our achievements so to celebrate with all our fans and customers Yamaha have run an international competition with unique prizes!

We have been overwhelmed with the huge number of fans that have participated in the competition and have received many kind words of appreciation, admiration and congratulations on the competition entry forms. This is very valuable to us and we thank you very much for your interest and acknowledgement!
On Thursday 10th of December the prize draw ceremony took place and Yamaha can now proudly announce all the winners:
YouTube Preview Image


The unique, Factory Racing prepared Valentino Rossi replica YZF-R1 winner is:

•  Justina Vilimaite from Vilnius, Lithuania

The one-off, Factory Racing prepared Ben Spies replica YZF-R1 winner is:

•  Milada Simkova from Cary, Slovakia

The exclusive, Factory Racing prepared Cal Crutchlow replica YZF-R6 winner is:

•  Claude Guyot from Aigle, Switzerland

Congratulations to all the winners, they will be contacted by Yamaha within a week.

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